4 easy and healthy recipes with watermelon for the little ones to enjoy Sandía Fashion

There’s nothing more irresistible than a fashionable watermelon bowl, but sometimes it’s hard to get the little ones at home to eat fruit, isn’t it? Well, until today! We bring you some fun recipes with watermelon to make with the kids, and we’re sure they won’t leave anything on the plate:

Easy and healthy watermelon recipes to make with the little ones

Turn your watermelon into a pizza

This simple recipe will have your little ones devouring watermelon in no time.

Cut a slice of watermelon in a circular shape and place it on a plate, divide it into 6 portions, thus simulating a pizza. Once cut, the fun part comes and that is to decorate the fruit with your favourite toppings, we recommend adding nuts, chocolate chips and jam.

Snowy mountains

Very easy to make and above all original, it will attract the children’s attention and won’t last two minutes on the table.

Cut slices of watermelon in the shape of a triangle and place them on a flat plate, on the top of the watermelon we will put whipped cream simulating the snow of the mountains and on top of the cream we place the toppings, this is always to taste, but we recommend a few that go great with this combination: chocolate chips, grated coconut and chia.

Watermelon lollipops

Disguising fruit is one of the best ways to get children to eat it and want to eat it again.

You will need to have animal moulds, preferably, or your child’s favourite shape. These will be placed on the watermelon and will be cut, giving it the defined shape. Once you have the personalised pieces, we will prick the watermelon, giving it the shape of a lollipop.

Watermelon Milkshake with milk

A nutritious way and a fairly complete snack on a nutritional level.

You only need watermelon, milk, natural yoghurt, sugar and ice. The amount of milk and yoghurt depends on how thick you want the drink to be. Now it’s time for the blender! And then put it in the fridge to serve it chilled.

Eating tasty, healthy and 100% natural food with watermelon fashion is very easy, practical and economical, so…. Which one of these are you going to prepare today?