A lot of heart in our 2021 spot!

A lot of heart in our 2021 spot!

We all know that in Spain we have been through difficult times, but that within the chaos there is always hope and the desire to move forward is what has set us apart. And when we talk about “us” we are referring to all of you who have been supporting our brand: farmers, administrative workers, distributors, greengrocers and buyers. You are all part of a struggle that never stops, of a family that we have been building for years.

That’s why, when we thought about what the advertising spot for 2021 would be like, without hesitation, we decided that you would be the protagonists, who have put heart into life despite the bumps, and lots of fashionable watermelons! If we have stood out in the sector, it has been because of your great commitment to our values, with sustainability, quality, healthy competition, and working for a 100% healthy product suitable for everyone.

Doing things differently is our thing: “pipeless watermelons, black on the outside, boxes with ecological inks? What madness!” but being the “weird ones” has made us the leading brand, so with this spot we also wanted to do something out of the ordinary: live life in pop up.

A different creative concept that appeals to the youngest to the oldest in the house; and with the catchy song in the background, you’re sure to go down the street singing the “boom, boom, boom”.

The spot is, from beginning to end, a message full of hope and joy to move forward with the best disposition, putting enthusiasm into everything we do and that we do. Together we can and will achieve everything and more.

Put your heart into life with Watermelon Fashion!.