A more sustainable home – here’s how!

A more sustainable home – here’s how!

We are increasingly responsible with the planet we inhabit, but are we also responsible at home? Sustainability starts from the upbringing of the youngest children, making them see how to be respectful with mother earth.

So today we leave you with 10 basic tips for the whole family to contribute to a more fashionable and sustainable home:

  1. Goodbye to paper napkins: we think they are more practical but the truth is that we use them unnecessarily, when we can clean ourselves with water once we have finished eating, or in any case, use cloth napkins which, being larger, can be reused.
  2. Separate waste: For many households this may be a chore, but we often don’t know how to separate waste. Always remember: organic, plastic, cardboard and glass.
  3. While we’re on the subject of organic waste…: one of the most beautiful decorations in any home are the plants, how about feeding them with homemade compost? Eggshells, fruit shells and even olive oil can give life to your plants.
  4. Energy-saving light bulbs: Goodbye yellow light, which also tires the eyes throughout the day and are usually more expensive than sustainable LEDs.
  5. Retouching for the walls? Natural paints: this type of paint is non-toxic and does not leave the typical strong smell for days. They are made with water, lime, plaster and natural fats and clay.
  6. Effective cleaning: household cleaning products are often as toxic as they are aggressive for the environment due to the chemicals they are made with, so we recommend a multi-purpose cleaner with hot water, vinegar and lemon juice.
  7. Double glazed windows: our allies to save energy and money. In winter we will not need so much heating with this type of windows, we assure you.
  8. Power strips, your allies: Computer, mobile phone, tablet… everything connected in the same device and our electricity bill will be grateful for it.
  9. Organic food: because the first home we should take care of is ourselves, and the more we consume products that go from the earth to the consumer, the more your body will know how to thank you for it.
  10. Creativity at its best: if 95% of things are made out of plastic, why not make your own decorations out of the plastic, cardboard and glass you buy? A centrepiece made out of a glass juice carton looks really cool!

Your home like our watermelons: fashionable and sustainable!