Fashion Breakfasts

Fashion Breakfasts

Eat a good breakfast and start the day with energy. Breakfast is the most important meal. We don’t say so, nutritionists and experts say so. After hours of rest, we need to activate the metabolism and replenish vitamins to face a new day. We put our body in motion, so think carefully about what you want to start with.

Among all our recipes, we recommend some that can make your breakfast the most special moment of the day. Three proposals that will brighten up your mornings and provide your body with a lot of benefits, thanks to the proteins and vitamins that you already know about watermelon.

Don’t wait any longer, get your Fashion Watermelon and include it in your breakfasts, with yoghurt, in the form of jam or in a delicious watermelon muffin with chia seeds. You choose!

Now more than ever, take care of yourself. And we’ll show you how to do it with Watermelon Fashion.
And you, what do you have for breakfast?

Healthy yoghurt with a healthy taste

Watermelon Fashion with Chocolate

Watermelon Fashion Muffins with chia seeds