At Sandía Fashion we are in luck! We are launching our new website and we want to share it with all of you.

Fresh, beautiful, happy, sustainable… No, we are not describing our star product, our watermelon, we are talking about the new website you have in front of you. Moreover, we are launching it in a very special week: the week of the Nature. You know that we are very, very, very committed to our Planet!

This is precisely the image we want to give with this fresh and fashionable change: SUSTAINABILITY as a lifestyle and as a production model. We have it very clear, our values with the environment and the environment around us must be paramount, so we are 100% committed to the planet Earth. We are involved with the present so that the next generations have a better future (with Fashion watermelons in between).

How are we achieving this? Well, with well-defined actions taken from the heart:

– Responsible farming (good agricultural practices to guarantee food safety).

– Watermelon Fashion & BASF: We join the SMART PROTECTION project with integrated pest control, time-saving regenerative agriculture and the use of biodegradable plastics.

– We verify the water and carbon footprints of our crops.

– Packaging generated to respect the environment.

Now that the idea of going to Mars is so fashionable, we have to take a new direction towards sustainability, but without losing that fashionable and elegant touch that characterises us so much. You know that we only have one Planet, and we must take care of it as much as possible.

Who knows if on Mars the substrate does not bear fruit and we stop producing the best fruit in the world!

Who are we going to fool at home?