Grupo AGF’s R+D+I department is managed by our technological partner Nunhems Spain, S.A.U., and in collaboration with various institutions. This partner of renowned prestige provides a broad vision in the field of research and innovation in order to develop the most appropriate practices to advance in the production of our seedless watermelon, Sandía Fashion.

What are the aims of this collaboration?

Internationalisation of the brand

Grupo AGF in collaboration with Bayer Vegetable Seeds is working on internationalisation projects of the product.

On the one hand, we are working on the internationalisation of new production areas towards strategic areas of influence, in particular the Arab Emirates; and on the other hand, on the internationalisation of the brand image in these strategic areas and at the same time extending the production season to twelve months of the year.

Diversification of the product

The R+D+I department is working on development projects of the product, in order to offer Sandía Fashion to the consumer, the seedless watermelon, in different forms and made into different versions, getting the most out of such a versatile product.

The aim is to offer a variety of products and forms to choose from, to be able to enjoy the flavour of Sandía Fashion and, what’s more, all year round.


Grupo Fashion, has conducted a study along with the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.

In this study 21 athletes took part, who ran two half-marathons, with an interval of 15 days, where Sandía Fashion juice enriched with L-Citrulline was handed out.

The final aim was to analyse the response to running a half-marathon, evaluating muscle damage and performance after ingesting Sandía Fashion juice which, in the end, proved the benefits of our watermelon’s citrulline for sports performance.

The results of the research show that citrulline has a beneficial effect on the metabolism when the body is subjected to intense and prolonged exercise. The main effects:

  • Reduced muscle fatigue
  • Increased performance
  • Reduced recovery time of the sportsman after intense exercise.