What is fashion watermelon?

Fashion watermelon is characterised by its terrific, sweet and crispy flavour, the fact it’s seedless and for having the traditional watermelon look.

It’s an excellent product with intense red flesh which is sweet right from the rind to the centre.

Every fashion brand watermelon has been carefully selected for its high fructose content, the main reason for its unmistakable flavour.

     What is Fashion Go!® watermelon?

Fashion Go!®, Grupo AGF’s new brand, is the same Fashion® brand watermelon but it comes in smaller sizes with a mesh carrier so you can take it wherever and however you like!


A consumer-friendly revolutionary format! This season at the beach, in the city or in the mountains, Fashion Go!® watermelon will be the in-thing!


Fashion watermelon recipes

  • Fashion watermelon “Ices”

  • Golden Cheese and Fashion® watermelon pearls

  • Fashion watermelon flares with “Pop Rocks”

  • Mini Fashion® watermelon snacks.

  • Fashion® watermelon salad
    marinated in lemon vinegar

  • Fashion® watermelon pipirrana
    and anchovies in vinegar

  • Alboran king prawns
    in Fashion® watermelon sauce

  • Fashion® watermelon sushi

  • Fashion watermelon spaghetti
    with soft cream cheese and mussels

  • Fashion watermelon Carpaccio
    with Grana Padano

  • Shoot salad with Fashion watermelon

  • “New Year’s Eve in Bérchules” cocktail

  • Fashion watermelon and cream crêpes

  • Fashion flambé

  • Duck magret with caramelised
    Fashion watermelon

  • Prawn Ceviche with Fashion watermelon

  • Fashion watermelon cubes filled with mango and cockle vinaigrette

  • Fashion watermelon and citrus fruit cocktail scented with lemon thyme

  • Margarita fashion week

  • Fashion watermelon Gazpacho

  • Fashion watermelon juice in aspic with edible flowers

  • Caesar salad with fashion watermelon

  • Sprouts salad

  • Fashion watermelon tempura kebabs

  • Fashion watermelon snowball

  • Cottage cheese and basil fashion watermelon puff

  • Fashion cream cocktail

  • Fashion watermelon mint Bavarois

  • Fashion watermelon, gherkin and wood-fire roasted pepper skewers

  • Fashion watermelon cannelloni with soft unripened cheese and sardines

  • Fatty duck liver pâté with slices of fashion watermelon

  • Breaded Iberian ham and cheese fashion watermelon

  • Fashion watermelon sponge cakes


Games & downloads

Paint and colour with fashion watermelonclick on your favourite to download the template
Desktop backgroundsclick on your favourite to download the image

What is Grupo AGF?

Offering quality and
service since 2002

  • Grupo AGF provides the market with a seedless black watermelon uniform in quality and has become the largest Spanish horticultural consortium.
  • Grupo AGF owns the fashion ‘‘Sabor sin pepitas” (seedless) brand, a leading high quality brand recognised by both customers and consumers.
  • Grupo AGF complies with demanding production quality control regulations audited by an independent company.
  • Grupo AGF offers perfect production planning and optimum coordination of the commercial offer.
  • Thanks to Grupo AGF the fashion watermelon reappears with flying colours at specialised shops, backed by important marketing and advertising investment.

Quality regulations of Grupo AGF’s fashion brand watermelon

  • Grupo AGF has developed its own Quality Regulations. Their objective is to guarantee maximum quality for the final product, and also maximum food safety for its consumers.
  • Grupo AGF’s Quality Regulations have achieved complete specialisation for the associated producers of fashion brand watermelon. They must guarantee complete compliance of the regulations, regardless of the production area. Likewise, the companies which are associated with Grupo AGF must comply with the quality parameters set out so as to be able to commercialise under the fashion brand, complying with requirements which are stricter than the European Union Regulations. Therefore a calendar for the highest quality watermelon is assured.
  • Grupo AGF’s Quality Regulations have ensured the constant research of new cultivation techniques right from the beginning: natural pollination, biological control of plagues, etc.

For further information, please contact our Technical Secretariat:
Edificio de la Alcoholera
Polígono Industrial La Azucarera
04770 Adra (Almería)
Telephone: +34 699 136 452
Email: calidad@sandiafashion.com


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