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How to cut watermelon to make it more fashionable

Sandía Fashion is pure colour and flavour. It is the coolest fruit of the summer, but as well as being delicious, it can also be an incredibly attractive decorative element if we know how to cut watermelon, which will make it the centrepiece of any table.

We are going to tell you how to cut watermelon to make it look very fashionable with different tricks and creative ways to impress your guests and give your table a unique touch.

Cut watermelon yes… but what is the right way to cut a watermelon?

Slicing a watermelon sounds easy, but there is a correct technique you need to follow to get the perfect slices. First, make sure the watermelon is placed on a safe surface, then cut off one end of the watermelon to create a flat base, and then start the tricks!

Thick slices

The most common way to cut watermelon is into thick slices. It is easy to do and can be very attractive if presented on a wooden cutting board, on a white plate or on a slate tray.

Be sure to cut the watermelon into even slices for a more pleasing result.


Select a long, sharp knife, secure the watermelon on a non-slip surface and cut across the width of the watermelon. You can decorate the round slices with mint and lime zest.


Another easy and attractive way to cut watermelon is into triangles. Cut the watermelon in half, then cut each half into quarters. From there, cut each quarter into triangles. Be sure to make clean cuts for a nicer result.


Cutting the watermelon into balls is a little more complicated than the other tricks, but the result is very fashionable. Use an ice cream scoop, if you can’t find one you can use an ice cream scoop, to make the watermelon balls, making sure to make clean, even cuts. Serve the balls on a large plate or in small dessert cups.


Cutting watermelon into cubes is a simple and quick way to make it look attractive. Cut the watermelon into thick slices and then cut them into uniform cubes. You can serve the cubes on a large plate or in individual bowls.

Discover the best trick to cut watermelon

If you want to impress your guests with a different trick, try cutting the watermelon into creative shapes. For example, you can cut the watermelon into star or heart shapes using biscuit cutters.

Watermelon flowers

Cut the watermelon into thick slices and use flower-shaped biscuit cutters to cut out decorative shapes. Use a skewer stick to stick the flowers together and decorate with mint or mint leaves.

Geometric patterns.

Take the sliced or diced watermelon and use a small knife to carve geometric patterns on the surface. You can make straight lines, zigzag patterns, or any othe

Watermelon sculptures.

We know, this is another level but if you have fruit carving skills, you can create more elaborate watermelon sculptures. For example, you can carve a flower on the surface of the watermelon or create a more sophisticated design. This is a perfect time to do it with children. Remember not to leave them alone with knives or other utensils, always with supervision.

Add fruits and herbs.

For a more colourful presentation, add fresh fruits and herbs to the dish with the watermelon. For example, you can add strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, mint leaves or mint to add an extra touch of freshness and flavour.

Serve in a fruit bowl.

If you want to make watermelon the focal point of your table, consider serving it in a carved fruit bowl. Cut off the top of the watermelon and use a large spoon to scoop out the flesh. Then carve a decorative pattern on the surface of the watermelon, this part is not essential, and place the flesh back into the bowl. You can decorate the watermelon with other fruits and herbs to add more colour and flavour, mint and mint give it a scent that will captivate you.

As you can see, there are many creative ways to cut watermelon to impress your guests. All you need is a little imagination and the best product of the summer: our Sandía Fashion.

And remember, presentation is as important as taste, so take the time to make the watermelon even more appetising.

Get your camera ready because this summer you’re going to be a hit on all the social networks!