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Watermelon at night: myths and truths

If you’re a watermelon lover, you may have heard some opinions about whether or not it’s good to eat watermelon in the evening. Some say it’s best to avoid it before going to bed, while others enjoy it without worrying about the time of day. But don’t worry! Here we’ll unravel the myths and truths about eating watermelon at night.

Is it good to eat watermelon at night or is it better to eat it during the day?

Here are the myths we hear the most and we’ll answer you, but if you’ve heard of any others, let us know!

Myth: Eating watermelon at night causes indigestion.

Truth: This is a myth! Watermelon is an easy-to-digest fruit due to its high water content and low fibre content.

Plus, being Sandia Fashion, you’ll know how easy it is to eat because it’s seedless – a win-win! While it is true that some people may experience digestive discomfort if they eat a large amount of watermelon before going to bed, this can happen with any large meal. If you eat a reasonable portion of watermelon, you should have no problems with indigestion.

Myth: Eating watermelon at night causes weight gain.

Truth: Watermelon is a low-calorie, water-rich fruit, making it a healthy choice for weight control.

If you are concerned about weight gain, the important thing is to maintain a balance in your overall calorie intake and not just the time of day when you eat watermelon. If you control your calorie intake and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, there is no reason to worry about eating watermelon in the evening.

Remember that it also works as a diuretic because of the amount of water it contains, but we will tell you about that in the next point.

Myth: Eating watermelon at night makes you retain fluids.

Truth: Watermelon is known for its high water content and its natural diuretic effect.

This means that it can help eliminate fluids and promote diuresis. There is no scientific evidence to show that eating watermelon at night makes you retain fluids. In fact, because of its diuretic effect, watermelon may be especially beneficial for reducing bloating.

So, is it good to eat watermelon at night or is it better to eat it during the day? The answer is simple: you can eat watermelon whenever you want! There is no strict rule about when to enjoy this refreshing fruit. The most important thing is to listen to your body and consume it in moderation, regardless of the time of day.

The important thing in terms of weight loss is that you don’t exceed your daily calorie allowance, so you can eat as many pieces as you want and adapt them to your requirements in order to lead a healthy, nutritious lifestyle without leaving your cravings to one side.

If you feel like eating watermelon in the evening, go ahead. You can enjoy it as a light and refreshing dessert or even as a healthy snack while watching your favourite TV show. Watermelon can help you satisfy your sweet craving in a healthy way, as it is naturally sweet and low in calories. Have you seen all the recipes we have on our website and Youtube channel so you can prepare many recipes?

Remember that everyone is different and may have individual preferences and needs. If you feel any digestive discomfort or unusual reactions after eating watermelon in the evening, you may want to limit your intake before bedtime. Listen to your body and do what makes you feel better.

In short, eating watermelon in the evening is not a problem in itself. It is a healthy and delicious fruit that you can enjoy at any time of the day. Remember to keep a balance in your diet and overall lifestyle, and don’t worry too much about the myths surrounding watermelon.

Adapt watermelon to your lifestyle, stay active by doing sport, going for walks and enjoy the queen of summer while giving your body water, vitamins, minerals, lycopene and citrulline: it will thank you 24 hours a day!

So go ahead, enjoy your watermelon whenever you feel like it and refresh yourself at any time of the day!