Do you have a fruit shop as fashionable as our watermelon?

Do you have a fruit shop as fashionable as our watermelon?

During this year, celebrating our 20th anniversary in the market, we have made an action together with all the fruit sellers who sell Fashion Watermelon in their business: just by registering on the Soy Frutero Fashion website, they have enjoyed merchandising of the brand and can offer 100% sustainable bags to their customers.

The greengrocers are clearly a fundamental pillar in all these years, not only for being the means to reach every home, but also for the commitment they have with Sandía Fashion for always trusting us, supporting us and offering us tools to improve and continue advancing with the quality that has represented us.

Ángel is the son of Felipe, the owner of a fruit shop in a Madrid neighbourhood that has been offering the best quality fruit and vegetables for 35 years. Felipe has gained credibility in all this time because if he says that one fruit is better than another, he always ends up being right! And Ángel has learned to be like his father.

He tells us that “when I saw how my father could tell the difference between a Fashion Watermelon and another very similar one without looking at the stickers, but only by the flavour, I was surprised, and he in turn told me that the Fashion Watermelon is the sweetest and crunchiest on the market, so it was not very difficult to differentiate this quality from the rest”, which is why it sells practically on its own, because customers recognise the quality and associate it directly with the brand.

Thanks to this support, as well as Ángel and Felipe, there are hundreds of greengrocers who value us as a leading brand and therefore, this year, we want to offer something more to remember that all of you are also part of the Sandía Fashion family.

If you are a greengrocer and have not yet registered, do it now: