cómo saber si una sandía está buena

How can you tell if a watermelon is good?

You know that Sandía Fashion is always a safe bet if you want a good watermelon. Because our quality department works selecting each watermelon one by one, so that only the best ones reach the markets: the reddest, most delicious and crunchiest. And in this article you will find out how to tell if a watermelon is good.

Tips on how to tell if a watermelon is good without opening it

Take note of these tips because we are going to make you an expert when it comes to selecting your next watermelon in the greengrocers:

  • Size and shape: You should aim for a uniform, smooth shape. Try to avoid those with bumps or an odd shape as they may not have ripened properly and you may be frustrated when you get home and open them.
  • Look for stains and scars to discard: If you see any bumps or cracks, discard it immediately, as it may have been damaged in transport or storage and may not taste as good as you expect when you try it.
  • Don’t confuse the bumps with the yellow spots that all watermelons have: These spots only indicate where it has been resting in the ground. These yellow spots mark the bed in the garden. Where they have rested to grow, but be careful! If this spot is white or green, it is warning you that it is not yet ripe and when you open it, you may discover that it is limp.
  • Weight: If when you pick it up you see that it weighs little, it is possible that it is overcooked or does not have sufficient water content. The heavier it is, the more indicative of quality.

How do I know if my watermelon is ready to eat?

Firstly, you should tap it gently with the palm of your hand and listen to the sound it makes. A dull sound will indicate that it is perfect to take it home, whereas if it sounds hollow discard it because it is telling you that it needs a little more time or that it is overdone.

We are also going to give you an infallible trick. If you have any doubts, trust your trusted greengrocer. They are real experts in product selection due to their experience.

How do you know if a watermelon is ripe?

From now on you will have a better criterion when you take a watermelon in your hands to know if it is good. And when we say it is good, we mean that it is ripe enough for you to eat it. In addition to all the tips we have given you above, it is important to know that the watermelon is ripe as soon as you cut it open and see that red colour, the skin is very smooth and as sweet as ever.

However, if you don’t want to go through so many checks, at Sandía Fashion we select the watermelons for you. The quality team does all the relevant checks to make sure that only the best ones come out. The expert hands of the staff filter the pieces so that only the perfect ones are sent to the central markets, from there to your favourite fruit shop to end up on your table. This way you are sure to get it right.

Because our job is not only to grow the best watermelons on the market, but also to ensure that the ones that reach you are only the perfect ones. Even so, we invite you to check it out with this little guide to know if a watermelon is good.

Enjoy a good watermelon, enjoy Sandía Fashion!