Operation 80+20=100% flavour

The word “diet” is a thing of the past! For many years, submitting to strict and boring ways of eating to lose weight was the daily bread until we reached the famous summer body, but then when the cold weather returned, the rebound effect was instantly noticeable, so we have shed a little of that culture and now what is cool is to understand that the best thing for our body is to nourish it 80% of the time with healthy food and, why not, 20% of whims with products that feed the soul when it is most needed.

Perfect balance!

Since we are all #SandiaFashionLovers, we all know the multiple benefits that our delicious fruit brings us, even our delicious fruit is known as “the fruit of the summer”. Thanks to its 91% water content, you’ll feel refreshed all over your body.

It is also very satiating because with 100 grs. (which is quite a lot!) it only has 18Kcals, a perfect ally against fluid retention and a sweet taste that everyone loves. Yes, we think like you, our Fashion Watermelon is the queen.

With so much benefit that we get from the #SandiaFashion, it is one of the most requested foods in 80% of the world to keep us healthy and eat well without being boring, but if we tell you that it can also accompany that 20% of not-so-healthy meals, do you believe us? Well, we tell you that with our watermelons you can prepare the cocteles that you deserve so much on the weekends (plus they add a natural sweetness that is incredible) and make it a little healthier. Or how about a watermelon tart in the middle of the afternoon?  Just telling you about it makes our mouths water, so as soon as you’ve finished reading this you can check out all the original recipes we have for you. You choose whether you’re in the 80s or the 20s.

We are 100% sure that Watermelon Fashion is your summer bet.