Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.

Do you know the butterfly effect?

Do you know the butterfly effect?

From watermelon we faithfully believe in this theory: one person, from a small place, doing small things, can change the world.  The sustenance of the planet depends 100% on what we are contributing to sustainability.

Our big bet is the union of all sectors to achieve the change we want so much on the planet, and we are fascinated to know that every day there are more people joining this sustainable movement which, moreover, is really cool.

We want to give visibility to three stories that definitely inspire and motivate people to continue to commit to sustainability, such as the case of Ángel, a computer scientist who left his job for what was originally just a hobby.

Angel converted a petrol car into an electric car by contributing his knowledge and giving it to the planet. Can you imagine the benefits for the planet if all cars were electric? Join the mobility change.

And what do you think?

What about fashion? This sector has been at war with sustainability for years. From large companies to freelancers in the trade, they represent Spanish sustainability. Peque de Fortuny and Cristina Torras, created a Barcelona-based bikini brand called Bohodot, where 60% of the materials used come from recycled plastics – amazing!

Image by Bohodot

But importantly, sustainability is not only tangible. Raising awareness of it through photos and videos is essential to create a generic perception in society. Such is the case of photographer-scientist Fabiano Ventura, who in collaboration with In the Green Power made more than 50 comparisons of 27 glaciers in six different regions of the Alps to detail the effects of climate change.

Image by Fabiano Ventura

As you will see, these are small gestures with a great capacity for change that transmit us that there is still hope. It is in your hands to reverse the problematic situation that our planet is experiencing today
From Sandía Fashion we are remedying the footprint we leave behind. That’s why we are putting all our energies into making ourselves beautiful for the planet. Do you want to know what our measures are?

Attentive to the next days because we have managed to make our Watermelon Fashion even more sustainable.