The talents inside Sandía Fashion

Being able to guarantee that each of our watermelons arrives perfect in your mouth is no coincidence. Behind every Sandía Fashion that arrives at your home is the hand of people like Ismael.

Ismael has grown up with our brand. He has tasted our fruit since he was a little boy and he is so fond of it that when he was looking for a job he didn’t hesitate and knocked on our door.

That was two years ago today. Two years as a quality control technician at Sandía Fashion. And what is quality control?

Ismael is present throughout the whole process accompanying our watermelons. His accompaniment begins when the fruit is harvested and continues until it reaches the markets.

During the harvesting season, he visits the warehouses and selects the best watermelons for you, according to their colour, size, weight, calibre and distribution of the boxes according to the needs of each market and food chain.

You may ask, what does Ismael do the rest of the year when it is no longer the Sandía Fashion season? Well, he dedicates himself to making reports and technical reports on the finished campaign. He takes into account what the markets and the consumer demand. Knowing where and when is key to ensuring that we are more efficient every year.

We know that Ismael hides a secret because he always knows how to choose the best watermelons. Maybe it’s because he used to eat Sandía Fashion when he was a child. Maybe it’s because he is passionate about his work. Maybe it is because he is a great professional.

Be that as it may, thank you Ismael for ensuring that Sandía Fashion never disappoints.