Where was the first watermelon born?

In Spain, watermelons were introduced to our land during the Muslim domination, becoming the fruit of the summer, which since then cannot be missing from the Spanish table to refresh and sweeten the palate on the hottest days of the year. It is the perfect fruit to combat the heat and dehydration due to its […]

Bees and Sandía Fashion

The growth of the Sandía Fashion is truly amazing. We can’t help but marvel every time we see a small plant and see how over the days, despite the weather conditions depending on the year in which it is sown, it grows into a great product. The bees are an essential part of this growth. […]

A lot of heart at Fruit Attraction!

We are very happy with the result of 3 days at Fruit Attraction! After more than a year without seeing each other’s faces due to the pandemic, the reunion was in style, starting with our incredible stand, which was based on our advertising spot: we extrapolated all the elements with feather cardboard so that everyone […]

Sandía Fashion’s seedbeds: where it all begins

Santiago Olivares has been with us all his life and knows better than anyone about planting seeds. Semilleros Los Crespos is one of our trusted centres where the whole process of our product begins. And it seems easy to plant a watermelon, but read on because our process is more complicated than you think. You […]


We will meet again from the 4th to the 6th of October at the Ifema, Madrid, thanks to the Fruit Atracttion fair which is held annually, and where we have been participating for several years in a row. As you know, this 2022 is very special for Sandía Fashion, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary […]