Sandía Fashion’s seedbeds: where it all begins

Santiago Olivares has been with us all his life and knows better than anyone about planting seeds. Semilleros Los Crespos is one of our trusted centres where the whole process of our product begins.

And it seems easy to plant a watermelon, but read on because our process is more complicated than you think. You will be surprised.

At Semilleros Los Crespos they are experts in this first phase. A watermelon seed and a pumpkin seed sprout independently in their little tubs, but close to each other.

Once we have the stem of each seed, the delicate work of the hands of the women who work there begins. They are in charge of separating the root of the pumpkin and grafting it onto the stem of the watermelon. Why do we do this? Because it is a natural way to ensure that the plant grows strong. The pumpkin root survives any disease more easily and provides all the nutrients for our future watermelon. We know, you’ve just been left speechless.

After several days and once the graft starts to grow strong, it is time to select the best plants and say goodbye to our seedbeds to move on to the next phase. Can you imagine where they are going?

“Sandía Fashion’s confidence in our work has given us the possibility to hire more than 100 local people. Generating employment is essential to boost the local economy. We have more than two hectares of seedbeds dedicated exclusively to Watermelon Fashion and we put a lot of care into each season. We are aware that we are the first in the chain and that if we fail, Watermelon Fashion would not reach the tables of families in the summer”. says Santiago, a little excited.

We would like to remember the whole family of seedlings who, many months before the summer, work so that today, in July, we can enjoy a red, fresh and crunchy Sandía Fashion. Thank you for making this possible.

We couldn’t be more natural. From the beginning of the process

Sandía Fashion is 20 years old, years of dedication and care to offer a quality, tasty and healthy product. Watermelon Fashion, 20 years making a difference, 20 years together.