Nutrition and Watermelon Fashion go hand in hand

Nutrition and Watermelon Fashion go hand in hand

Benefits of watermelon in nutrition

You already know that eating fruit daily is essential for a good diet, but today Laura, one of our #SandiaFashionLovers nutritionists, tells us a little more about the great health benefits of consuming Fashion Watermelon and how our product has influenced her daily life:

who has been in his profession for more than 30 years.

“Before I graduated as a nutritionist, my diet was practically based on eating a lot of sweets and pastries. The only fruit I ate was in summer when the watermelon season arrived”. Eventually, Laura discovered Sandía Fashion, her favourite fruit but without seeds. “I thought it was a tasty product and more practical to eat because with seeds you always have to be more careful. From that moment on, I started recommending it to my patients.

Laura tells us that when it was time for her to move out on her own, she started to make the most of the watermelon: in September she froze as much watermelon as possible, so that in winter she could make hot recipes with the fruit. She was so delighted that she offered these recipes free of charge to her customers. A very healthy, different and fun way to have good eating habits and not to fall into artificial and unhealthy products that offer simple sugars; a situation in which she found herself years before and that is why she was looking for a food that would give her palate that sweetness that she likes so much.

Moreover, because it is so moisturising and contains many vitamins that help our immune system, it is an ideal fruit for any time of the day.

He recommends it for his sports patients as it is ideal after sport: it satisfies hunger after exercise and provides that “punch” of energy.

Sandía Fashion can also reduce tiredness, care for your skin, improve your eyesight, increase your defences and even prevent cancer. All this, due to its high content in vitamin C and A. If you want to have a perfect appearance and an unbeatable health, there is no better food than Sandía Fashion.

On the other hand, if you are invited to a party, you can bring frozen watermelon to make cocktails and you will be the master of the party with your creativity and originality.

Laura is a nutritionist, a lover of Sandía Fashion and a creative with our product that makes our brand an amazing and multifunctional product. Are you like her? 😉