Sandía Fashion accompanies you to back to school

The end of summer arrives and with it; the return to routine. September is taken as another “new year”, where one of the resolutions is to resume the healthy lifestyle that many lost because of the well-deserved summer plans. But this routine does not only affect adults but also the little ones at home who go back to school and for many parents it is an uphill struggle not knowing what to prepare for their children so that they can eat as healthily as possible without it being boring.

That’s why here at Sandía Fashion we leave you with a list of possible lunches that children can take to school that they’re sure to love… (and their classmates). (and their classmates).

– Fruit salad: an ideal breakfast that will give you energy thanks to the natural sugar, your little one’s favourites that are in season, among them… Sandía Fashion, which will be on the market for a while longer! You can also accompany them with nuts and dried fruit.

– Yoghurt with chunks of Sandía Fashion: this is a very simple but equally nutritious breakfast, which will provide the best of our fruit with the benefits of dairy products.

– Mozzarella cheese and watermelon balls: a lunch that combines salty and sweet flavours, obtaining an incredible result that will have the kids licking their fingers.

– Watermelon jam sandwich: this is a more traditional and common breakfast, but with a more special touch as it will be made with watermelon jam, offering that sweet touch that will make the child devour the sandwich.

At Sandía Fashion we want the best for the little ones at home and that’s why our watermelon is present in every lunch, the one with the best flavour and without seeds!