Who are cucurbits and how are they related to Sandía Fashion?

Who are cucurbits and how are they related to Sandía Fashion?

If you read “cucurbitaceae” you might think of… pumpkin, change to “cucumber” but don’t you think of the word “watermelon”? It’s normal, and you may also wonder where does such a big fruit come from? Well, it all boils down to the fact that, believe it or not, it comes from the same family: the cucurbits. And not only watermelon, but also melon, pumpkin, courgette and cucumber.

Now that you know this, it will be easier for you to distinguish and recognise their characteristics quickly.

The number of families that exist in nature is enormous, but there are some groups that you may find more curious and their information will astonish you, as you did not think that they could be related to each other.

It is a family of climbing plants that is distinguished from the rest of the families by its easy cultivation. If you are interested in knowing more about this great family you should keep reading the blog…

General characteristics of cucurbits:

It is obvious that each product of this family has particular characteristics, but among them they share common characteristics, which make them belong to the same family, the cucurbitaceae family, with the following characteristics that they have in common:

– Easy to grow.

– There are more than 700 different species within the family.

– They take up a lot of space due to their size.

– Normally they are sown in seedbeds, but there are occasions when they can be sown in fields.

-Its flowers are both male and female.

-Fertilisation is by insects.

They have heart-shaped flowers.

When you go back to the supermarket or greengrocer’s and see any member of this great family, you will surely remember all these characteristics and properties that have been inherited by Sandía Fashion.

Who are cucurbits and how are they related to Sandía Fashion?