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A company is defined as not only for what it creates but for what it refuses to destroy.

At Sandía Fashion we are very clear about our values with the environment and that is why we are committed to the planet. We are committed to the present so that the next generations have a future.

EAt AGF Group we have incorporated sustainability into the business strategy of Sandía Fashion® for the coming years. We are working on a Comprehensive Sustainability Plan, which translates into a roadmap with specific sustainability measures in all areas and which will be included in a report that will annually review compliance with these measures and our commitment to the United Nations 2030 SDGs. This plan includes actions in five main areas: emissions reduction, circular economy, regenerative agriculture, health and wellbeing and social responsibility.

In terms of reducing emissions, we are starting with a firm commitment to more sustainable packaging for Sandía Fashion®. For this reason, this year we are going to use a new box designed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, an internationally renowned designer and a person who is personally and professionally committed to environmentalism and sustainability. The design and selection of materials for this new packaging has been made taking into account sustainability criteria and its use will allow us to reduce our emissions for the next 5 years by more than 400tn of CO2 equivalent, it will mean a saving in cellulose of more than 1,100tn and with this sustainable packaging we will save more than 190tn of inks, so its manufacturing process is also more respectful with the environment. Grupo AGF, through one of its associates, is a pioneer in emissions reduction and circular economy and since 2017 has been the first company in Europe to verify the water and carbon footprint in watermelon cultivation.

We reduced by


the use of environmentally unfriendly ink in our Fashion watermelons

> Responsible farming which translates into a commitment to good agricultural practices to ensure food safety.

> Packaging generated to respect the environment both in its manufacturing process and in its distribution.

> We are also endorsed by the most important certifications that accredit us as a sustainable and responsible group.

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