Your perfect outfit is sustainable!

Your perfect outfit is sustainable!

You already know that, for us, sustainability is an essential part of our values, which is why we want to accompany you in this movement in which we invite you to participate.

Sustainability in fashion is one of the options! Sustainable fashion is also known as slow fashion. It is a new way of thinking in the world of the textile industry, which aims to raise consumer awareness of the benefits of obtaining garments based on environmental and social sustainability criteria, as it uses natural, organic, regenerated or recycled materials for its manufacture, minimises carbon footprints and the use of chemicals in garments, as well as respecting the working conditions of those workers who have participated in its production.

Did you know that the slow fahion…

– It reduces the negative effect on the environment since, as mentioned above, it uses natural materials for the manufacture of the garments.

– Raise public awareness about the importance of recycling and reusing, because as we know at this point in the blog, sustainable fashion is all about reusing old clothes to give them a new use.

– It promotes responsible consumption, focusing on respect for the environment by encouraging the purchase of pollutant-free and good quality products.

– It strengthens the labour rights of workers, always aiming for fair conditions on an equal level between the company and its employees.

– Garments are manufactured with the aim of extending their useful life.

– It avoids the pollution generated by the machines that are used to manufacture the clothes as they are handmade, so they are produced in small quantities. Many Spanish clothing brands use this method for the manufacture of their garments, so you will have no excuses not to buy them!Ritmo morning ( ), is a brand of Hawaiian shirts made 100% of plastic waste from the ocean. Green forest wear ( ), a sustainable fashion brand for men founded in Madrid by Clara and Joaquín. Their shirts, sweatshirts and T-shirts are made with organic cotton from sustainable crops, free of pesticides, polluting dyes and toxic agents, thus achieving a hypoallergenic and ecological product. Organic cotton colours ( ), a textile company that has been working with 100% organic cotton for 25 years. Its garments are made without intermediaries and in a natural way Carmela Rodríguez ( ), pioneering brand, which was created with different lines of clothing made with natural fibres, mainly vegetable, always of design and signature pieces, handmade, work and awareness of ethical values and sustainability and has faithfully maintained since its inception 1990 -2020. Sustainability is lived. Inside and out. At Sandía Fashion we have already joined the movement. What are you waiting for? .

Your perfect outfit is sustainable!