Watermelon for the whole year? Yes, it is possible!

Our watermelon is so delicious and tasty that it is impossible to say goodbye to it during the winter, which is why today we are giving you a series of conservation methods so that you can enjoy your favourite fruit all year round. You can also freeze watermelon and enjoy it in winter.

Before starting with the list of tips, it is important to find the perfect place for storage, such as a pantry, a glassed-in balcony…

Now it’s time to choose the method of preservation that is easiest for you to maintain your Sandía Fashion:

-Icemaker: blend the watermelon and pour the liquid into coolers, so you can enjoy fresh juices in any season.

– Hanging: the perfect place for this method of preservation is in a cupboard or cellar. Start by finding a piece of natural cloth that completely covers the watermelon, wrap it well and place it in a linen bag or net, then hang it from the ceiling with a hook. It is essential that the fruit does not come into contact with other objects or walls, so it is advisable to hang it in the middle of the room.

– Ash: This method is ideal for those who have a cooker or fireplace in their home. Place the dry ash in a box, completely covering the watermelon. This procedure will help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

– Straw: for this method you need a wooden box, once you have the box you should line the bottom with a good layer of straw. Add more straw so that the watermelon fits snugly on all sides.

– Water: it is important to use ice water for this method. To begin, find a barrel and fill it with ice water until the watermelon is completely submerged. You can also place the watermelon in an ice hole; it is advisable to leave the watermelon submerged in a cellar for better preservation.

– Sand: for this method of preservation you will need a box that you should fill halfway with sand. Place the watermelon in the box and cover it with sand until it is completely covered. Once the watermelon is covered with sand, find a cool, dark place to place the box.

– Paraffin wax: dip the watermelon in paraffin wax, then let it dry, repeat the procedure as many times as necessary until a layer of 1 cm is obtained, then let the watermelon dry completely and hang it in a cool room.

– Clay: this process will keep the watermelon free of humidity and fungus. Start by mixing the clay with water until you have a “slurry”, then use the slurry to apply it to the watermelon until you have a layer of about 0.5 cm. Then let the clay dry and hang the watermelon in a cool, dark place.

Thanks to these preservation methods you can enjoy Sandía Fashion all year round… or as long as your cravings allow. Or as long as your cravings allow!