sandía en España

Sandía Fashion made in Spain: Spain’s best watermelon

When it comes to watermelons, not to boast, but watermelon in Spain has an ace up its sleeve, and that is “Sandía Fashion”. Every year, you see us for more months and not only in the summer season, and the myths begin: “where are the best watermelons in Spain produced, how do we get them to market so early?

So today we promise to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth: Sandía Fashion is growing at…

The fields and sunny lands of the south of our country! From the hand of great farmers, agricultural technicians, production analysts and a lot of love for this production that has been reaching all Spanish and international tables for more than 20 years.

Watermelon made in Spain

Where are the best watermelons in Spain produced?

The Promised Land of a good watermelon is Almeria specifically, in El Ejido, a leading area in the production of hundreds of fruits, vegetables and more, has thousands of hectares ready to give birth to the best watermelons in Spain. Here, the warm, sunny climate coupled with fertile soils provide the ideal conditions for growing this juicy fruit.

The secret is in the soil

The soil is key to the flavour and quality of the Sandía Fashion. Almeria’s mineral-rich soil, combined with an ideal daytime temperature and cool nights, results in a watermelon with an exceptionally sweet and juicy flavour.

Sandía Fashion at its best

Sandía Fashion is known for its deep red flesh, which spreads like a canvas of flavours in your mouth. Its texture is soft and crunchy at the same time, and its taste is an explosion of summer sweetness. Every bite is like a walk through a sun-drenched watermelon field.

The art of cultivation

Farmers in Almeria have perfected the art of growing the Sandía Fashion over the years. With carefully selected cultivation techniques, such as drip irrigation and natural pest control, these watermelons reach their peak of ripeness at the perfect time.

Watermelon for all tastes

The versatility of Sandía Fashion is impressive. You can enjoy it sliced fresh on a hot day, make refreshing smoothies, or even use it as a base for exquisite cocktails. Its sweet taste makes it the perfect companion for any occasion, from an afternoon at the beach to an elegant dinner party.

A trend-setting flavour

The Sandía Fashion is not only a delight to the palate, but also a symbol of style and sophistication at the table. Its vibrant colours and unrivalled taste make it the centre of attention at any gathering.

Summer in every bite

After reading this, you’ll know for sure that your favourite fruit is 100% Spanish, born and bred in Almeria, where the best watermelons in Spain are produced. With their deliciously sweet taste, perfect texture and the love of the local farmers, this watermelon is the epitome of summer in every bite. Much heart to life for the sweetness of Almeria!