A virtual family: The influencers of Sandía Fashion

For some time now, our brand has been working with influencers who focus on the different axes of Sandía Fashion: health, sport, lifestyle and sustainability.

This year, we had 110 collaborations with influencers who, through their accounts, published our summer pack in stories and posts, and also, with the product we sent, made recipes and offered many ways to consume Watermelon Fashion.

From the beginning Mariana was delighted to collaborate with Sandía Fashion because she is a big consumer of our product and reads all our blogs, as well as following us on social media.

Mariana also did the collaboration in the summer and was pleasantly surprised to see that the feedback from her followers was brutal. “There were a lot of interactions, a lot of people were interested in asking where they sell Watermelon Fashion and all the healthy recipes you can make with it, plus it fits into a lifestyle of healthy habits, which is what I work with the most,” said Mariana.

All these interactions led to an increase in engagement from Mariana’s followers, which is good for her and for us. Her community realised that she works with good, sustainable and healthy brands, so that’s always appealing.

Mariana also told us that working with Sandía Fashion has been a great opportunity to relaunch herself in networks as well as being a different brand compared to the previous ones she has collaborated with. Watermelon Fashion is the brand that most respects its values and transfers them to the product, being a high quality brand both at a corporate level and at a product level.

As well as listening to our customers, at Sandía Fashion we also listen to everyone who participates in it in whatever way they can. He told us that he would like to see videos of people tasting and consuming it in different settings, as it shows different situations and plans where you can take Watermelon Fashion to enjoy it with your friends, family…

In short, he wants to collaborate with us again and wants to show you all the benefits that Watermelon Fashion has, which are not few!