Bees and Sandía Fashion

The growth of the Sandía Fashion is truly amazing. We can’t help but marvel every time we see a small plant and see how over the days, despite the weather conditions depending on the year in which it is sown, it grows into a great product. The bees are an essential part of this growth. […]

Sandía Fashion’s seedbeds: where it all begins

Santiago Olivares has been with us all his life and knows better than anyone about planting seeds. Semilleros Los Crespos is one of our trusted centres where the whole process of our product begins. And it seems easy to plant a watermelon, but read on because our process is more complicated than you think. You […]

Sport is health health is Sandía Fashion

Deporte es salud salud es Sandia Fashion

Sandía Fashion is a powerful food with a high water content of more than 90%, making it ideal for hydration in summer, with a minimum calorie intake of 21 calories per 100 grams of product. Sandía Fashion helps you when practising sport, sport is health, health is Sandía Fashion. Watermelon is also ideal for hydrating […]

The work behind Sandía Fashion

El trabajo detrás de la Sandía Fashion

In a world in which technology is becoming more and more advanced, one of the things we are most proud of at Sandía Fashion is the human side that we maintain in the vast majority of our stages, from the moment we put the seed in the ground until it reaches your home. That is […]

The great commercial work of Sandía Fashion

Who hasn’t been to Fruit Atraction this year? This edition has been brutal. We were able to see your faces without masks and the turnout was incredible. Thank you for coming to visit us. We were delighted to see you. And if you’ve come to visit us, you’re sure to have met Ángel López. He […]

A virtual family: The influencers of Sandía Fashion

For some time now, our brand has been working with influencers who focus on the different axes of Sandía Fashion: health, sport, lifestyle and sustainability. This year, we had 110 collaborations with influencers who, through their accounts, published our summer pack in stories and posts, and also, with the product we sent, made recipes and […]

The talents inside Sandía Fashion

Being able to guarantee that each of our watermelons arrives perfect in your mouth is no coincidence. Behind every Sandía Fashion that arrives at your home is the hand of people like Ismael. Ismael has grown up with our brand. He has tasted our fruit since he was a little boy and he is so […]