Be part of the change with “Proyectos que laten”.

From this month onwards, from Sandía Fashion we are carving out another path to continue building great bridges between companies and consumers, how, with those projects that benefit society in any of our four areas: sport, family, health and sustainability and innovation.

Proyectos que laten – 1st edition:

This initiative was born because we want to get involved continuously, with projects that help to improve the world, but do not have enough financial support, so, if we go hand in hand, we will contribute that grain of sand that we always talk about, to meet real and sustainable goals. Remember: small actions create big changes.

Why these 4 categories? We believe that they are four fundamental pillars so that all the public, regardless of age and gender, feel part of the brand:

Thanks to our commitment to sustainability, we have become the leading watermelon brand, making us stand out from the rest of the competition, not only for something that benefits us, but also for the rest of society.

At Sandía Fashion we are fans of those who keep active in body and soul. Therefore, sport is one of the categories that cannot be left behind. Since our fruit brings us unlimited amounts of profit, we are sure that there are many interesting projects still to be done.

The family is fundamental, not only for us but for everyone, so we are proud to be able to help those families at risk of exclusion, with any illness or condition, so we are committed to ensuring that all of them have a dignified daily life with the necessary resources to be able to care for them.

Last but not least, we want to talk about the importance we give to health. This is undoubtedly the root of everything else, and given the times we live in, we know that treatments and research are being updated daily, and we must give them the voice they deserve.

We want you to be part of the change together with us. The invitation to register all the proposals is until 21 June and then there will be a deadline until 19 July to vote through the website created for the occasion, where you can also see the rules and detailed information.

Join us and put your heart into projects that beat!