Mini fashionable watermelon bites

  • 12 hamburger bread balls
  • .
  • Sandía Fashion.
  • 2 OR 3 kiwis.
  • Almond cropant.
  • shewberrys
  • Organge or peach jam.
  • Orange or peach marmalade.
  • strawberry syrup.
  • 250 GRS. of mascapone.
  • 2 TBSP glasss sugar.
  • 2 TBSP. of vainilla extract
  • 2 TBSP. milk.

Prepare the cream by mixing the mascarpone with the icing sugar, vanilla and milk in a bowl to obtain a smooth cream without lumps. Set aside.

Cut slices of Fashion® watermelon approximately 3 mm thick and use a round pastry cutter the size of the bread rolls to cut out slices, one for each roll. Do the same with the kiwis, which we peel and cut.

To assemble, open each bun in the centre, spread with the mascarpone cream, place the slice of watermelon, then a little cream, the slice of kiwi, a drizzle of strawberry syrup and cover with the other half of the bun, which has been spread with jam and sprinkled with almond crunch.

(Original recipe from the blog “Brujita en la cocina” adapted by the Almerian Chef Josué Rodríguez)