White chocolate calimero with watermelon compote

  • 400GR OF Sandía Fashion.
  • 1 Tablet of white chocolate
  • 4 Small balloons
  • 200 GR of brown sugar
  • Kiwi jelly
  • Orange jelly
  • Peanut creamPEANUT CREAM
  • Blueberries and almond (for decoration)

If you like baking, you can put your skills to the test with this recipe that you can share with the little ones at home. This is another of the proposals by chef Josué Rodríguez, from Garum Restaurant, for the 2015 recipe book of Sandía Fashion. Treat yourself and enjoy the dessert!

Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie, blow up the balloons and dip them in the chocolate. Then cool them in the fridge and, once the chocolate is solid, prick the balloon. In this way, it will look like a half eggshell. In the meantime, make the compote with the watermelon and sugar.

For the presentation, put the peanut butter on the plate and the egg on top so that it doesn’t slip. Fill with the cold compote and decorate with the jellies, almonds and blueberries.