The great commercial work of Sandía Fashion

Who hasn’t been to Fruit Atraction this year? This edition has been brutal. We were able to see your faces without masks and the turnout was incredible.

Thank you for coming to visit us. We were delighted to see you.

And if you’ve come to visit us, you’re sure to have met Ángel López. He is as serious and approachable as anyone. Ángel is a very important person for Sandía Fashion because of his involvement in the brand.

Angel has been with us for 20 years and has held various positions within the company, giving him a global perspective of our brand. Until today. Currently, Ángel is the Sales Director of Sandía Fashion… And he knows our product better than anyone else.

It is dedicated to the national market, to which we offer 60% of our production and to watermelon exports. Because our Fashion Watermelon has no borders.

The duration of the campaigns usually lasts about 8/9 months. And Angel does not stop in that time (we apologise to his family). He is the perfect interlocutor with the clients because he understands them, empathises with them and knows how to deal with all their needs. He is also in charge of closing prices, contacting producers, regulating supply and demand… He is an essential crack in our brand.

In Spain we have approximately 150 distributors, one per province except in Barcelona and Madrid where we have 12 in each city. All this without taking into account regional supermarkets, to which we also distribute watermelons. Ángel affirms, “quality is more important to us than volume, this is why we only work with clients to whom we can offer a good service”.

This summer we are seeing an increase in the consumption of Sandía Fashion, especially in Madrid and Barcelona, due to their population, and in the coastal cities and islands, due to the incorporation of tourism after the pandemic. But Sandía Fashion is not only consumed in Spain, but also in countries such as Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and above all France and Germany. And the fact is that our flavour has arrived to bring summer to every corner of Europe.

On the other hand, Ángel told us that the consecutive heat waves this summer have put many obstacles in the way of watermelon production; “We have experienced moments of real stress because production has been slower than usual and demand has been growing non-stop” Ángel told us with a worried look on his face.

But that is the way our production is, so natural that we depend on factors that not even Angel can control.

For everything else, Angel is your/our person of trust.