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Watermelon season is here! Discover the perfect time to buy it

Watermelon season is here! Discover the perfect time to buy it

You’ve probably wondered when watermelon is in season. At Sandía Fashion we have always said that summer is a state of mind, which means that we should not let ourselves be carried away by the calendar but by the desire you have to sink your teeth into a piece of watermelon and that happens all year round, doesn’t it? Because of its juicy, refreshing and delicious taste that seems like it was made to be enjoyed at any time.

But wait a minute, when exactly is watermelon season in Spain? And more importantly, when is the perfect time to buy it? Here we tell you all about it!

When is the watermelon season in Spain?

First the good news: they are increasingly available from earlier months, e.g. from March onwards. But officially, the watermelon season usually starts in mid-spring, around April or May, and lasts until late summer, until September or October. During these months, shops, markets and supermarkets are full of fresh and delicious watermelons, ready to be devoured at every family gathering or day at the beach.

When to buy watermelon?

So when is the perfect time to buy watermelon to make sure it’s at the peak of its sweetness and juiciness? Well, here’s the trick: the key is knowing how to pick the right one! When buying a watermelon, look for one that is firm, heavy for its size and with a yellow spot on the underside. Yes, just as you read. There is a false belief that when it has a yellow spot it is bad, but the opposite is true. This yellow spot is a sign that the watermelon has ripened in the sun and is ready to be enjoyed in all its glory, more juiciness, flavour, and in the case of our brand, that spectacular crunch of our Sandía Fashion!

Also, gently tap the watermelon with your knuckles. If it sounds hollow, that’s music to your ears! It means the fruit is ripe and ready to be eaten. And remember, don’t be fooled by size. The biggest watermelons are not always the sweetest. So trust your instinct and pick the one that catches your eye, even though we know you want to take them all.

It’s time to enjoy!

Now that you know when watermelon is in season in Spain and how to choose the best, it’s time to make the most of it! Organise a delicious watermelon party with friends and family, prepare some refreshing cocktails or simply treat yourself to a slice of this juicy fruit after a hot day. Watermelon season is short but sweet, so be sure to squeeze the most out of it and savour every bite.

We’ve given you the lowdown, and now you know a little more about summer’s favourite fruit, and as this time of year is a state of mind, it’s time to enjoy plans in the sun, with the family and the most difficult moment… having to share slices of watermelon. Watermelon season in Spain is the perfect time to enjoy this refreshing fruit in all its glory. Remember, choose wisely and get ready to dive into a sea of sweetness and freshness – long live watermelon season!

Watermelon season is here! Discover the perfect time to buy it