We have winners of the 1st edition of Proyectos que Laten!

From Sandía fashion we are very happy to announce the winners of the first edition of an idea that arose from the need to realise so many incredible projects that are often not possible due to lack of financial support.

First and foremost, we would like to thank once again everyone who participated, everyone who constantly interacted through our social networks and echoed all the projects. Your votes were essential to help the final verdict of the Sandía Fashion jury, so we can’t be more grateful to see how you support so many dreams and projects, putting heart into life and achieving the welfare of those who need it most.

Now yes: the winners of projects that beat are according to each category…


ELA-Spain Leukodystrophies: this association presented itself to the public as one that provides comprehensive help to families affected by this group of pathologies. She explained that leukodystrophies are neurodegenerative diseases characterised by the progressive loss or malformation of myelin, the substance that covers the nerves and allows nerve impulses to pass from the brain to the rest of the body.

The malformation or loss of this substance causes them to gradually lose all their abilities. Those affected and their families require a series of resources that are sometimes not covered by the health system, which is why they entered the competition.


Menudos Corazones Foundation: Heart disease is unfortunate at any age, but when it is diagnosed at birth, in the first years of life or even during the mother’s pregnancy, it is an emotional and psychological shock, altering personal life and affecting the family unit as a whole, which requires professional help.

The Menudos Corazones association aims to help those families who are going through this bitter period with professional help, giving them emotional and psychological support, giving them all the strength they need to be able to move forward.

We are very proud to know that thanks to this competition they will be able to carry out this beautiful project that gives hope to those families affected.


– Asociación ALTEA: A wide range of sports activities are carried out through professionals, where each user will have a person working with him or her. The aim of this association is to go beyond sport, making a needs assessment before starting the activities to help them to know what are the objectives of intervention applied to different sports disciplines.

ALTEA wants to demonstrate with its quarterly evaluations that sport is an excellent working tool that motivates and favours the development of skills in an inclusive environment. They also aim to increase the number of users served and diversify the options in terms of activities that are currently in high demand. It is a real joy to know that we will be able to help you achieve your dreams by contributing our small grain of sand.

Sustainability and innovation:

– Animal protection association and nature school, “El Valle Encantado”: this association stole everyone’s heart because of its proposal, where through activities with children they help to sustain the life of the equines.

They entered the competition with the aim of being able to acquire more land and thus be able to rescue more equines and enjoy them with the little ones. We are very happy to know that we have been able to help the association through the competition so that they can set up their project, and thus raise awareness that horses should be treated with respect and love and stop using them in the way they are used today.

Congratulations to all the winners, together we will achieve great things because what unites us is the desire to make this world a better place.

We encourage others to keep fighting for their projects. Remember, “small actions make big changes” and the 30+ ideas that were submitted are all incredible and powerful!