Agrotechnology for the future: We tell you the benefits!

On the occasion of the graduation of the first and second edition of the MBA in agribusiness management in Almeria and the day of innovation in the agribusiness sector held by ISAM together with CEOE Valladolid, we bring you this blog on agricultural and sustainable progress.

But let’s start with the basics: What is agrotechnology?

Agrotechnology is the technology applied to agriculture, and includes the methods and machinery necessary for efficient production, focusing on the processes used in the sector to improve the use of resources and to support the producer in his daily tasks.

Thanks to this technology, the aim is to promote the sustainable management of natural resources, as well as the preservation of the environment.

It also seeks the efficiency of the production model. Agriculture plays a key role in a country’s economy. It drives the economy of developing countries, providing employment opportunities for a large percentage of the population. For example: thanks to agro-technology, it is possible to use the minimum required amounts of water, fertilisers and pesticides and to target more specific areas, or to treat individual plants differently. Among the many benefits of this practice are:

-Increased crop productivity

-Decrease of chemical discharges into rivers and groundwater

-Increased worker safety

-More efficiency and lower prices

-Safer growing conditions

-Reducing environmental and ecological impact

Some companies that follow sustainable practices in agribusiness, in addition to Sandía Fashion, DroneBee, ClearLeaf, Agrocognitive, Haystack, Ponce, and more and more are joining for a better future.

Let’s make production and the environment compatible together.

For a more sustainable world, for a future for the world full of quality and flavour.