If life gives you Sandía Fashion… make sauces!

If life gives you Sandía Fashion… make sauces!

Just like you, we’re also sad because it’s no longer watermelon season… but as we’ve told you in previous blogs, freezing the pulp ensures you can consume it in many ways that are just as tasty and healthy during the winter. That’s why today we bring you 2 recipes for watermelon sauces that will make you lick your fingers giving the best touch of flavour to your meals.

The sweet touch of Sandía Fashion is perfect to combine with your savoury and festive meals – try it!

Watermelon sauce: a simple recipe that will become your favourite for its unique and original taste, easy preparation and low-cost ingredients.


– 1 cup of chopped, seedless watermelon, so our watermelon is the best for this occasion.

– ½ cup white vinegar.

– ½ cup sugar.

– 2 tablespoons cornstarch.


– Step 1: Place all the ingredients in a bowl except for the cornstarch and grind it very well.

– Step 2: place the mixture in a saucepan and bring to the boil, reduce for three minutes, then dissolve the cornstarch in a little water and add the sauce, stirring continuously until it reaches its thickness, once the sauce thickens, remove it and leave it to cool.

It is advisable to accompany this sauce with your favourite seafood.

Grilled watermelon sauce: just because the bad weather is gone doesn’t mean we have to lose the great habits of Sunday barbecues with friends, that’s why I bring you the perfect side dish for your barbecues.


– 2 slices of grilled and chopped Sandía Fashion.

– 1 cup chopped red onion.

– 2 chopped jalapeños.

– 1 lime.

– Cilantro to taste.

– 2 large spoonfuls of aged cotija cheese.

– Salt to taste.


– Step 1: cut two thick slices of watermelon. Then add the watermelon to the grill and grill on both sides for three or four minutes. Once grilled, cut the watermelon slices into cubes and place them in a bowl.

– Step 2: add the chopped jalapeño, onion and lime juice to the bowl and stir until all the ingredients are combined.

– Step 3: in this step we proceed to add salt and coriander to personal taste.

– Step 4: add the sauce to an empty watermelon half so that it retains more flavour.

– Step 5: Finally, decorate the sauce with the grated cheese.

Which of the 2 sauces is your favourite?

If life gives you Sandía Fashion… make sauces!