Where was the first watermelon born?

In Spain, watermelons were introduced to our land during the Muslim domination, becoming the fruit of the summer, which since then cannot be missing from the Spanish table to refresh and sweeten the palate on the hottest days of the year. It is the perfect fruit to combat the heat and dehydration due to its […]

Watermelon for the whole year? Yes, it is possible!

Our watermelon is so delicious and tasty that it is impossible to say goodbye to it during the winter, which is why today we are giving you a series of conservation methods so that you can enjoy your favourite fruit all year round. You can also freeze watermelon and enjoy it in winter. Before starting […]

Sandía Fashion accompanies you to back to school

The end of summer arrives and with it; the return to routine. September is taken as another “new year”, where one of the resolutions is to resume the healthy lifestyle that many lost because of the well-deserved summer plans. But this routine does not only affect adults but also the little ones at home who […]

Madrid, are we committed to Fruit Attraction?

At last we will see each other again at a trade fair (albeit with a mask), but we are back with more enthusiasm than ever and it will probably be the most special one in a long time: with a total of 1,300 exhibiting companies from 44 countries, reducing the number of first-time attendees by […]

A lot of heart at Fruit Attraction!

We are very happy with the result of 3 days at Fruit Attraction! After more than a year without seeing each other’s faces due to the pandemic, the reunion was in style, starting with our incredible stand, which was based on our advertising spot: we extrapolated all the elements with feather cardboard so that everyone […]


After the emotional hangover from attending the Fruit Attraction event, we are here to tell you about our experience. As you already know, the fair took place from 4 to 6 October at Ifema in Madrid. For three days we had the opportunity to share with great partners, colleagues from the sector and enjoy a […]

The talents inside Sandía Fashion

Being able to guarantee that each of our watermelons arrives perfect in your mouth is no coincidence. Behind every Sandía Fashion that arrives at your home is the hand of people like Ismael. Ismael has grown up with our brand. He has tasted our fruit since he was a little boy and he is so […]


We will meet again from the 4th to the 6th of October at the Ifema, Madrid, thanks to the Fruit Atracttion fair which is held annually, and where we have been participating for several years in a row. As you know, this 2022 is very special for Sandía Fashion, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary […]

A lot of heart in our 2021 spot!

We all know that in Spain we have been through difficult times, but that within the chaos there is always hope and the desire to move forward is what has set us apart. And when we talk about “us” we are referring to all of you who have been supporting our brand: farmers, administrative workers, […]

Be part of the change with “Proyectos que laten”.

From this month onwards, from Sandía Fashion we are carving out another path to continue building great bridges between companies and consumers, how, with those projects that benefit society in any of our four areas: sport, family, health and sustainability and innovation. Proyectos que laten – 1st edition: This initiative was born because we want […]