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What to do with the rind of the Fashion Watermelon?

They say that you can even eat the pig’s feet, but get ready because we’re going to discover that you can use everything from the watermelon, even the rind!

Reuse the rind of Sandía Fashion

What do we do with the peel, throw it away, leave it on the ground to decompose? In our free recipe booklet 2023, which you can download from our website, you can discover some recipes using the peel, but there are also many other creative ways to use the peel, and today we will show you some ideas.

Uses you probably didn’t know about watermelon peel

Make jam with candied watermelon peel

Watermelon rind is rich in pectin, a substance used in the manufacture of jams and jellies. To make candied watermelon rind, first peel and cut it into small cubes. Cook the cubes in water with sugar and lemon juice until they soften and form a kind of syrup.

Then process the mixture in a food processor until smooth and pour the jam into sterilised preserving jars.

Use the peel as a garnish

The peel can be used to make a sweet and spicy dressing that is perfect for salads and other dishes. To make this dressing, mix the diced zest with rice vinegar, soy sauce, honey and grated ginger. Then, process the mixture in a food processor until smooth and use the dressing to flavour your favourite dishes.

Make watermelon rind tea

This part of the fruit can be used to make watermelon rind tea, a refreshing and healthy blend. To make watermelon rind tea, boil the rind in water with cinnamon and cloves for 20 minutes. Finally, strain the mixture and add a little honey or lemon if desired.

Use the peel as an ingredient in cooking

The peel can also be used as an ingredient in the kitchen instead of being thrown away. For example, you can use it to make chutneys, sauces or even as a filling for pies or pastries.

Use watermelon peel for plants

Last but not least, you can use watermelon rinds for plants to enrich your garden soil. The rind decomposes quickly and is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, making it an excellent fertiliser for your plants.

In conclusion, there are many creative ways to use the peel instead of throwing it away. Whether you decide to make jam, dressing, tea, use it as a cooking ingredient or compost it, you are making a positive contribution to the environment by reducing the amount of waste we generate.

So, next time you enjoy a Sandía Fashion, remember to save the rind to give it a second life.